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Akula Advertising, Inc. is not a traditional marketing and advertising agency. We drive our customerís revenue with a focus on their profitability (not ours).

Advertising, and what consumers are responding to, has shifted dramatically in the past 18 months. Have you shifted your advertising in order to follow them through their daily media experiences? What worked 18 months ago does not work today.

Our formula is simple:

Differentiate: We create campaigns that differentiate our customers from their competition with a clear USP (Unique Selling Proposition). We communicate our USP in a manner that is simple for the target customer to understand and remember.

Economize: We craft your USP into a concise message that can be communicated in one sentence.

Dominate: Our buys create unparalleled REACH & FREQUENCY in order to achieve brand dominance for your specific business category. We negotiate aggressively while building strategic partnerships with our media vendors. We research your target consumer and buy media based on the target age and lifestyle metrics as well as the geographic targets.


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