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About Us

Vicktoria Vybinov
(pronounced "VIB-ah-noff")

When you arrive in the United States at the age of 12 and can't speak a word of English, you must adapt quickly to your environment in order to survive. For Vicktoria Vybinov, the skills required to thrive were not taught in a classroom but rather in real-world experiences that have been transferred into meaningful business partnerships.

Your business' success or failure depends on the team you assemble. Your Accountant, Banker, Attorney and Advertising Partner can make or break you in today's ultra-competitive business landscape. When it comes to the advertising seat on your board of directors, you want a fighter who knows how to win right now, using contemporary advertising assets that break the mold for how things have been done in the past. You want Akula Advertising, Inc. on your team.

Your customer's media consumption patterns are shifting. Are you shifting with them? This is the essence of adapting to your customerís environment, reaching them and communicating with them on their terms. Are you ready to move outside your comfort zone and begin working with an advertising agency who can move your business to the forefront while your competitors try to figure things out? If so, Akula Advertising is ready to explore a long-term partnership with your company.

Warning: Methods used to grow market share and profitability may not be suitable for traditional advertisers.


  • Regional Account Manager: CEA Marketing Group, Miami, FL
  • Project Manager: Carlisle Incentives, Los Angeles, CA
  • Account Executive: Time Warner Cable, Tampa, FL
  • Director of Marketing & Advertising: Builders Association of Greater Tampa, Tampa, FL


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